The Broken Love

The broken love


End in Tears

End in Tears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was left with tears , I still remember her last words I say , ah , I was to go, get out of your world. A year’s time is very short, we have experienced an unusual but unusual. 20 years old , the past is over , but it has become mourning.
Lost after the original lot of things in life are already doomed , no one can change . Perhaps this is the fate of it . But I still do not believe in fate , when she walked in I did not leave anything , perhaps only bring her so much sorrow it. Once thought that blossoms later you can enjoy the fragrance , surprise, flowers , soon fell that year, memories from there .
There is a years , once so bright , so touching , however, they go so thoroughly , one without a trace . She is like a needle rust for a long time , thorn heart pain. Today , the day right close , people north and south , I do not Nalan infatuation , do not believe duck head is not white, once thought eternal vows to end in tears . Everything suddenly a dream, wake up to , people have changed , mourning. Romantic Poems For Her
March of the South , the “good wind and falling peach slice .” Here , although not so busy Jiangnan March fireworks can be quiet and simple , elegant, spring sometime , may well be a pleasure. Blossom of the year , with this much alike . So, start nostalgia text, revel in the poignant sadness of the world . There looking for spiritual comfort and relief to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the Red trivia , I have the courage to love again , even if it can be repeated . Just too young, young , and this is a consideration , I accepted .
Easy come , easy go , too many youth are full of frustration, fate always so like a teaser . Once, holding hands , walking in the rain , two people ; once , laughter tears come together , two people ; once have been discard all the good , only regret.
I do not believe it is doomed , God will not give us arrange such an outcome , when the fate of each other when close together , there would be no so-called doomed . Original to your share of love , without modification , simple , but full of joy , and now, as their marshes , stay with scraps of memories. The passage of time , the number of injured in amber , submerged in the bottom of my heart , leaving fantasy . Hateful, Shaoguang continue to move forward , but slowly stepped back memories , who fill the blank road ? Sad Xi. The man left, like ink landscape painting in the lines, slowly faded and disappeared in the crowd . Leaving people , silence Liao Xi Xi , speechless. This youthful love and sadness ah.
Day , you wake up from a dream , a sense of loss , facing the midnight moonlight cry , please forgive my unfeeling . In the absence of my world, not nostalgia , do not let yourself live in the past , because I would feel bad. Wipe the tears , wipe memories.


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