Quietly sitting by your side

” Quietly sitting by your side ,
There will be many such time ,
I want to greet the car window of light,
Firmly remember your smile in profile ,
I will not be sad to say farewell ,

One Hand, One Heart

One Hand, One Heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is my only deceive you ,
Because I like your eyes , Romantic Love Poems
So America is not suitable for tears ,
You do not need to be good to fly I miss ,
I would quietly leave the right hand side of the seat ,
One day when you’ve seen the world ,
You then decide where to land ,
And I will continue in this long Mercedes Street ,
Left-hand side is the right side of my heart no one ,
For your sake I could be lonely ,
Because I believe said goodbye ,
‘ll Goodbye “
Repeat this song, listening over and over again , a strange taste , and now lived in a mess, lost the law , the phone still, my world becomes so quiet , quiet some people fear , pick up the phone every time duplicate address book can also be looked at who to call , and ultimately who can call up ? Just quietly put down phone ……
I know I wrote a log , someone have to say that I am , cursing me, but it is not important . I just want to casually write ……
In fact, I have been trying to come out , but the results are in vain , some things once started is a lifetime , maybe a lot of people do not understand , it’s just you did not seriously go through , before I looked at the story of love, always feel loved too exaggerated, but when I go through only to find everything is so true, that feeling that only their own experience before you can understand .
Thank you, since this time friends of the care , comfort is good , cursing worth mentioning, this is just your way only, this period has insomnia , sleep until after 1:00 every day , but woke up about 4:00 , even to sleep also doing a variety of dreams, stumbled, and many times the brain awake can not remember the dream scenes , the story of the dream , but I know my dreams have her .
Yesterday to say a bit less than a month lost 12 pounds, but lost a good, lest I bother to lose weight , the text in my pen is always so pale, not like the others so emotional and vivid performance , which may that is the difference between scholars and laity it, I’m just a layman, not a vulgar vulgar people , not so great drop everything I’m not a small achievement I care .
Do not understand why so many people before , but when he is beginning to smoke when it is found , in fact, smoking is just smoked a feeling, not drinking drowned their sorrows after drinking will make your heart all things are suppressed broke out , only will be more uncomfortable, but smoking is a very quiet way , when the smoke released into the atmosphere around you , there is a moment you thought was empty , looking a little burning cigarette , which is the speed of time , I often ignite cigarette, just quietly watching it burn , watching the smoke rise , in fact, I do not know what I was watching , just enjoying the process , as is often the same as looking at the distant daze .
Sometimes you can change places , hair style , replaced everything , but can not replace that heart and my heart there lived a man so that she will be the love of your life , whether you like it or do not want …


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