Do you remember our promise

Four years , we do not meet again, separating the horizon, worried about each other , the change of time , the same is worried about heart ! Night landing QQ, see your avatar in the blink miss click, well talk to you ! I still gave up, I do not know what to say, afraid to say a regret . I do not want to fiddle easily pull that string between us , feeling the fear strings broke ! In fact, I want to ask a good : My dear, you still remember our promise ?

The Silent Film

The Silent Film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

302 Station Road station
One winter morning in 2008 , Shenzhen early sun came out, the platform of the crowd out early . I am carrying a duffel bag , holding your hand , did not speak , only silence , just wait – the bus finally came, people flocked to flow under the impetus of our crowded car. Holding hands only last a finger, may at any time release. I then pull it back to me only then you , fingers intertwined . I try to make you feel safe , but also make yourself feel you still mine. However, we all know that the day will no longer fingers intertwined with ! Lovers Poems

KFC in the last breakfast
Or your favorite tea, or my favorite black coffee , sandwiches, it exudes seductive fragrance , fries waiting, waiting for us to put it into his mouth . Hall playing ” Fur Elise ” , but this does not make us beautiful melodies have the slightest feeling better. You kept eating the fries , sucking milk , I still silent. You finally spoke: “how do you eat ? ” I was silent for a few seconds , answer the question and said: ” Clara , give me a call to the other side , less money to tell me .” I can only use this secular speech destroying elegant atmosphere here . You stared at me , his mouth still sipping straws, nodded his head, then went on to chew fries.
Time is goes forward , we still silent. It is your first opening : “We have come to a convention okay ? ” My Pie Zhaozui blew up hair , and asked : “What promise ? ” “If I went to 27 -year-old , you get to 28 years old, we are still not married then you have to come to me . ” ” Oh , do you think a movie ah ? fool . ” I can only promise you pretend to scorn , because at this moment, aunt’s voice rang in my ears : ” I do not against you do not agree to you, I want you to remember that I was not let my daughter go with her alleged lover suffer ! you be careful ! ” merciless reality , helpless love. ” I do not care , you have to promise me ! ” I’m stubborn , but you had nodded his head !

The final pit mouth , respectively
Cuizhao you persistently urge like radio stint , has refused to let me pull the hand tight . Finally, still you broke my hand, grabbed the luggage from my shoulders , turned away into it. Watching you thin figure , into the air of the hair , I think of these days our daily life , I finally shouted out: ” Clara , we must wait for me ! ”

Convention, you remember ?
Four years , we have no further contact , even the QQ, exchanges are not there , I just see you every day, personalized signature in the text has not changed. From here you can see your recent mood, recent developments. Occasionally, I will from the other students in the group that you were talking a little bit of news. I know you did not follow your parents later arranged in Guangzhou, did not marry him , I know you went back home to teach , life is very dull. And I, two years , I struggled to keep going up , money became my only motivation. Earn every penny , I’ll step farther away from my dream , time to now , I no longer sigh dream. Reality is forcing me to dream of my heart the most compressed into a small corner of the humble , while being squeezed into this little corner and you.
Dear, forgive me had only to do it, because I can not give me both want to give you , but can not give what you want. Forgive I can not find you , because I am no longer that you had wanted me , and now I have become a vulgar person. Forgive me for the vulgar , I can only reality to think about our future.

Promise, do you remember ? If you’ve forgotten, I will bless you ! If you remember , then you soon forget it ! Because, I just want you to be happy !


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