Fleeting romance dressed youth

Wasted years, time flies. Homecoming day quietly walk through – from smooth forehead, stretch the eyes, rosy cheeks. The loss of a youthful era, lost distinctly past, accumulation under sweet, thoughts, sadness, frustration …… round after round shades, or old or new, or full or missing memory. Along with the pace forward, over time, become a heavy backpack can not be uninstalled.

Romantic Poems

The Voyage of Life Youth.

The Voyage of Life Youth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Walking in the voyage of life, bustling fortunate enough to get to know all mortal beings. One pass of the figure, most do not look back into the window hastily passing; however, a special bond with the treasure in the heart of the most secretive, softest place, gradually integrated into life, after the baptism of wind and rain, stuffed into a cup dreaming drunk, drink reserved for their day.

Forget that frame shadows, vigor, graceful, beautiful into a beautiful rainbow; forget that Zhang Jiaorong, smooth talker, frown laugh pull my arms, flashy pillow Yilianyoumeng; forget the pair of eye, Feelings tenderness, flash of light staggered between an electric current through body instantly. Then, like a name, that familiarity twelve pen falls on a Zhang Su Jian, the butterfly into Full of heart-warming good reputation.

Moon accompanied walking hurriedly, vast sea of ​​people searching, inadvertently I look back, the lights dim, your eyebrows dancing angel come. My upsurge difficult to calm, filled with bursts of waves to break the detention emotional gates. Surprise stricken, the ears seem came a voice: flowers Humphreys be straight off, no flowers be empty Mo broken branches. Open their hearts to it, daring to meet this frequently look back five hundred years before the like fate. So, stop and do eolian dust, finishing a good mood disorder, rode a white horse, in the purest way to prepare the hearts greeted the goddess.

Xian feel warm spring grass green, rain Zhiyu Yun flowers. Only his, meaning most true, deepest feelings, love and affection have a higher status. In this way, by your eyes tightly traction glimpse fright mountain stream to read the song rhyme. Unconsciously, sleepy poisoning has been deep, were you Krupp, the heart as you read, shaped for you off – sad with your sadness, happy with your joy and happiness with your happiness. Slowly close, with the caring, considerate, care firmly put your muffled, will warm transfer to you, will give you a confidence boost that will add to your strength. Nirvana into a phoenix to help you all the way forward. If you can, please put down your modesty, accept my regrets to pay, wait for the afterlife, in this life.

Fate tree, lonely who back? Elixir of Love, who in vain ornaments infatuation? Flowers in the world, one hundred thousand Jiao Mei; Weak three thousand, just take a spoonful. Present and able to meet you, thanks to the gift of heaven, who needs!

Happy seedlings just sprouting, realistic skies poured down rain. Encounter too short, flew it long. And when the day pressing harder and harder, but unfortunately sad, hiding in the corner dejected. Looking at your lopsided figure, waves painful episodes filled body. Heart come with you, I have not my, only one unexamined empty bladder, ignorant of the festival, be not distinguish twilight. This is a not escape unscathed, irrepressible sad rooting thoughts on its way in darkness, loneliness pour a thick layer of frost. From then on, pay attention to your QQ space, pay attention to your talk, focus on your micro-blog, has become a habit. And, you are my only on-line reminder.

Like quietly alone in a recall, recall that part of a wonderful time. Think you almond eyes with spring, like you string together knot hair, “cloud like Colorful flowers like tolerance, spring whisk threshold Revlon” In my mind, it should also be described as the most appropriate for you. You are that far shore of the fireworks, you are like clouds like rain, like the wind, dotted with the color of my life, to enrich my dull life. Although the people of the party, in fact, not far away, because you always reside in my heart. Many times, there are frames constantly in my mind: looking forward to in the near future, Magpie Bridge, a peach blossom tree, reunited with you again. I believe that the heart have you should know, the dream will eventually become true.

As everyone knows Oh, this period so it is a happy pain.

Late at night, people did not sleep, a cup of tea, a light, a few of the poetry and documented, thumb through chant: “Lady Choi, the desire gifts Geyuan days. Acacia see no reason, Chang Wang cool before”; ” Reeds green and white dew cream. called Iraqi people, in the water side “;” Jun I was not born, I was born old. regret that I was born late, I hate Jun students early. I was born, and the king of a good day “……

After reading the full emotion, Yanjuan meditation without fatigue, then for this article to remember it.


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