Heart Quotes


I often catch myself constantly
wondering how you are,
sitting alone with
my mind set so far,
reminiscing about your smile,
voice and touch,
damn this life…
I’m missing you too much!


The best way to resist temptation
is to put it out of reach.


It has been said that
we need just
three things in life:
Something to do,
Something to look forward to
And someone to love.



One thousandth bouquet of roses

One thousandth bouquet of roses

[ Hello ! ]

I looked up , a bespectacled , tied in a ponytail girl greeted me.

She found I was looking at her with a puzzled look when said nervously . . . “That … that … you can not bear false some time … to help me make a questionnaire ? ”

I put down the work at hand , stood up , took her delivery to the questionnaire and pen .

While I make the questionnaire , she asked her. “You … is the first time you do this survey ? ” Asked after I peek at her. As a result, she suddenly blushed , shy nod .

I think, ” she would be so embarrassed , half relationship questionnaire it! ”

Because, the questionnaire asked questions are all with “sex” related . . . Jufan said: you and your friends of the opposite sex for the first time want to be where?

1 home 2 other rooms 3 . Hotels 4 Park 5 . ______ I filled out after the other , she asked curiously .

“So far , you asked a few people in total ? ”

She looked down and whispered : ” ! ! … 1 ”

” To a girl to do this survey too difficult for her now ! ”

I looked at the pile of her hand , the less there are twenty or thirty copies.

She found me watching her, while thinking about things , nervously said: ” ? You so nervous for what ” “This is our school teachers out of a job , I just … I’m just in charge of the investigation … ”

“Because … because people are not out questionnaires Well … ”

I smiled and said: “I do not think this is out of your way ! ”

“So … what do you just want to ? ” She kind of relieved expression. . .

” So good , you do me a favor , I ‘ll help you do the survey , how ? ”

Her eyes opened wide , as encountered aliens in general, surprised to see me.

” What is … busy ? ”

I crouch down , the large open cardboard feet .

” Wow ! Lot of roses ! ”

“You … you are the flower of it? ”

“It’s not just a cameo … just today ! ” I smiled and said .

“You want me to help you flower it? ”

” Half and half it! … I want you to help me collect the money , and then I take advantage of the guests flowers , let them make a few questionnaires , so do not do both ? ”

After listening to her , mother looked at me , at this time , I found her eyes under the frame is very beautiful , like a person . . .

I think she did not refuse it, he said : ” Well that started Hello ! ! ”

At this time, she recovered, stood silently behind the carton , and then I will be installed Perak pockets and handed her the money , she showed me the questionnaire .

“Come Oh ! Most intimate to buy Valentine’s Day gifts , oh , oh ~ bunch as long as 200 yuan .”

” Boss, I want a bunch ! ” Came after a pair of lovers , while the men took out the wallet side said .

” Oh, thank you , yes, guests can trouble you to help us fill out a questionnaire it? Do not bear false you a lot of time ! ”

“All right ! … Boss, your flowers sell cheaper Oh ! ”

” Where is the guest you do not Xiangui it! ”

An entire morning to sell about 100 bundles , and her long questionnaire survey done of course .

At noon break, I bought while eating her lunch while talking to her .

“You have done a questionnaire , a little later you’ll know you can go first ! ”

“You are in a hurry I go? ” She put down the chopsticks in hand , slowly bowed his head said .

“Do not cough ! ! … Nah ! I certainly hope you can help me to stay , because … ”

“For what ? ”

“Because … I was the first out of the flower ! ! ”

“What ? ” She said in surprise .

I smiled and said: ” can not believe it? ”

” Ah ! ! ” She nodded, ” because look at the way you sell it … professional ! ! ”

“I just think , since to do this thing , to try to do our best ! But I did not expect , when the previous night market , selling to listen to , can be used in it ! ” I smiled and said .

” Yes ! Why did you come to flower it? For money? But I’ve got to sell expensive ? ”

“I … I did it for a girl, because she said that if I could sell a thousand bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day , she is willing to make friends with me ! ”

” Why did she say that like ? ” She was a little angry and a little to ask.

“Because … because she did not want to make friends with me , so deliberately out of this problem to me, wish I could quit … ”

” Since you know people do not want to make friends with you , why do you want out of the flower ? Would not that stupid yet ? ? ”

” Maybe … just … I also want to know that he is not like in the end she thought it useless … the result … turns out … I’m really quite useless ! ! ”

” Ah ? ! ” She was taken aback , “But , you do not have here the flower it? How would it feel quite useless ? ”

I scratched his head , “Actually … I’m pretty shy ! ”

She felt incredible, and then chuckle out loud, ” Oh ! I do not believe it! ”

“It is true ! … Before this, I have been very introverted … Even when you come to my survey , I was ready to pack up ” escape ” to say here ! ”

She smiled and looked at me , “If you had intended to ” escape “, and then why not finish the questionnaire , you leave it … ? ? ”

” I do not know , maybe … maybe because you now ! ”

After she heard , was taken aback .

I scratched his head , “I was just want to how to help you, but also no thought of escape fled problem .. ”

After listening to her head and lower, I can not see her face now is how . . . Then . . . Then , the atmosphere seems to become very embarrassing , she has been afraid to talk to my eyes on the TV, to say nothing of the initiative to talk to me ……..

“What I say it? ” I always figure out . . .

Pm only sold about 100 bundle , to the evening, the crowd gradually more up, of course, a couple can have, business is also growing in busy , so busy that she and I did not have time to eat dinner. . .

Finally, at ten o’clock , when the 999 roses and all sold out , as this one thousandth bouquet of roses , I would like to take the matter to the girl looking to prove that he really did it ! !

And that tied ponytail girl, now it is to buy dinner , I put things tidy , the way that the beam will be “dark cover ” roses out.

At this point , there are a couple of relatively sharp-eyed , saw me and confiscated my sign up in the hands of the bouquet , flowers came to me . . .

” Boss, I want to buy flowers ! ” Couple of men to speak first .

I heard someone wants to buy flowers , turned replied: ” I’m sorry , I … ”

I froze ! ! The couple turned out to be the girl that had to be my flower girl , and she saw me, too surprised ! !

” Huh ? … You, you really come to sell roses … ? ”

At this time, my heart is really weird smells . . .

“I am . . . How should I answer ? . . . It turned out that she has a boyfriend ! . . . Then why did not directly tell me , but to make things difficult for me so ? ”

I saw her look at me , and then I look behind cardboard boxes , a bewildered expression on his face . . . “She probably guessed this is one thousandth the roses now! . . . If I sell these bouquet of roses . . . That she must order had to say. . . She is probably in trouble now this! . . . ”

” Oh ~ ! That he mentioned that you argue with me , that guy you want to go ah ! ”

Just me and her silence , without a word , she was next door to the boys speak.

” I did not think you really teach you the way to tell him … ” He looks pretty proud .

” Junhao , do not say it! ” She pulling his hand , asking him not to say anything .

” I did not expect there are still stupid people , they have made ​​clear not like him, would like to say that , did not know, really ran out of flower … ”

I suddenly have the urge , do not know the urge to dig a hole to dig into , or Zouren impulse ?

I think: ‘ have it ! ”

Just when I’m at a loss . . . Suddenly there is a long-haired beautiful girl hooked my hand , and then just keep talking. . .

” Wow ! So beautiful roses oh , is that you bought to send me a Valentine’s Day gift? ”

” Who is she ? ”

When I look at this girl and she ‘s wearing a wink for me to play pass, turned out to be tied ponytail girl. Because she won the glasses , his head down payment , causing a sudden I did not recognize her. . .

“They are your friends? … You guys , I’m Jill ‘s girlfriend ! ! ”

She said these words one out , they not only shocked, even I were shocked ! !

Now for the boys who called Junhao a loss, I think partly because ponytail tied girls really are. . . So beautiful ! ! On the other hand . . . I think he felt he should be ” deficit ” wrong right human relations . . .

So he good grace to say: ” Well , they have a girlfriend, but also what to do … you stay here if you want roses later I went to the florist to buy you a lot ? ! ”

Then, the ” she” in the case of half-hearted with his left . . . I am the only girl and ponytail and tie . . . That one thousandth bouquet of roses ! !

” Are you okay … ? ? ” Tie her hair , and then put on the glasses , asked with concern .

I look at her . . . Reluctantly nodded . . .

“I’m sorry ! Harm my own decisions … you can not even last chance is gone ! ”

I barely squeezed out a smile , ” Do not worry! Outset no chance anyway, ah … ”

“That’s how you’re going to differentiate ? ”

I think. . . “Now it was late, you are not even back to school? ”

” Ah … ” she answered in a feeling of regret . . .

” So, do you go back and put things right … I have received a closed back … ”

“Oh … I go first ! ” So she picked up her bag and turned left. . .

Looked at her back . ” Oh ~ ” I sighed softly .

Then , turning to clean up the rest of the stuff , but found her in a cardboard box in a questionnaire forgotten .

I’m a bit shocked . . . Then , under a decision.

I quickly put out the questionnaire , take it back to her with a run . . .

“Hey ! … You forgot the questionnaire ! ”

When I was gasping to the questionnaire into her hands , I seemed to see a trace of ” mischief ” in the eyes . . .

” Oh … thank you for helping me get over ! ”

I waited a little breathing relatively smooth when out that one thousandth bouquet of roses . . . After she saw , bowed his head shyly . . . ” You want to give me? ”

I smiled and said: “No I want to sell you a ! ! ! ! ”

After she heard disappointment felt. . .

” 200 yuan it? ” As she took the bag, he spoke .

” Not only 200 yuan ! ! ” She looked at me in surprise .

“Are you willing to use” you yourself ” to buy this one thousandth bunch of roses ? ”

” Ah ! … You bully people ! ! ” She found out I was teasing her, bowed his head shyly .

“You do not also deliberately questionnaire on the carton it? ”

Her head lower, I think she must be very red face . . .

” This young lady … you would be willing to buy before midnight this rose bouquet flowers? ”

She paused . . .

Then , turn around and hold my hand holding roses gently leaving a kiss on my cheek. . .

Remember to forget

Forgotten is the true forgiveness –
If you still think that someone needs to be your pardon,
No matter what the reason is willing to forgive him for that,
That does not really happen to forgive ,
Injury or resentment is repressed or replaced temporarily stop !

More profound question is,
Who really need to forgive ? Who should we forgive ?
Mark mentioned :
” Why do you see your brother’s eye have thorns,
But do not want to do the beam that is in thine own eye ? ”
This provides a good direction of thinking .

Another direction is to :
If a person is hurt me , really can not forgive ,
Is ” the man ” to hurt me , or how can hurt yourself ?
When I forgive myself for the possibility that people also be forgiven ?


Heard people say , forgetting is truly forgive ;
And I think, true wisdom ,
Is to see the acceptance of their stupid !


If the heart is tired, tired, why not try to put on it !
To lay down , who can force you ; do not go, who can help you !
Try not to ask the past , do not guess the future ;
Oh miss down , live in the moment !


The heart emptied before being filled ; would love exhausted before they can spare !


Der Self is , then why not wipe the dust of this without problems, all things are natural.
No love it raw fear , no love so raw terror , if the practice were in love , worry about the wind terror death .


Want to laugh laugh is helpless, sad cry cry ;
Laughing is moved to cry , crying to laughing is realized .
Do not laugh when you can hold Gum , when the cry Mo reserved ;
If the dust to be blown Yang , all feelings no longer .

The Broken Love

The broken love


End in Tears

End in Tears (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was left with tears , I still remember her last words I say , ah , I was to go, get out of your world. A year’s time is very short, we have experienced an unusual but unusual. 20 years old , the past is over , but it has become mourning.
Lost after the original lot of things in life are already doomed , no one can change . Perhaps this is the fate of it . But I still do not believe in fate , when she walked in I did not leave anything , perhaps only bring her so much sorrow it. Once thought that blossoms later you can enjoy the fragrance , surprise, flowers , soon fell that year, memories from there .
There is a years , once so bright , so touching , however, they go so thoroughly , one without a trace . She is like a needle rust for a long time , thorn heart pain. Today , the day right close , people north and south , I do not Nalan infatuation , do not believe duck head is not white, once thought eternal vows to end in tears . Everything suddenly a dream, wake up to , people have changed , mourning. Romantic Poems For Her
March of the South , the “good wind and falling peach slice .” Here , although not so busy Jiangnan March fireworks can be quiet and simple , elegant, spring sometime , may well be a pleasure. Blossom of the year , with this much alike . So, start nostalgia text, revel in the poignant sadness of the world . There looking for spiritual comfort and relief to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the Red trivia , I have the courage to love again , even if it can be repeated . Just too young, young , and this is a consideration , I accepted .
Easy come , easy go , too many youth are full of frustration, fate always so like a teaser . Once, holding hands , walking in the rain , two people ; once , laughter tears come together , two people ; once have been discard all the good , only regret.
I do not believe it is doomed , God will not give us arrange such an outcome , when the fate of each other when close together , there would be no so-called doomed . Original to your share of love , without modification , simple , but full of joy , and now, as their marshes , stay with scraps of memories. The passage of time , the number of injured in amber , submerged in the bottom of my heart , leaving fantasy . Hateful, Shaoguang continue to move forward , but slowly stepped back memories , who fill the blank road ? Sad Xi. The man left, like ink landscape painting in the lines, slowly faded and disappeared in the crowd . Leaving people , silence Liao Xi Xi , speechless. This youthful love and sadness ah.
Day , you wake up from a dream , a sense of loss , facing the midnight moonlight cry , please forgive my unfeeling . In the absence of my world, not nostalgia , do not let yourself live in the past , because I would feel bad. Wipe the tears , wipe memories.

Quietly sitting by your side

” Quietly sitting by your side ,
There will be many such time ,
I want to greet the car window of light,
Firmly remember your smile in profile ,
I will not be sad to say farewell ,

One Hand, One Heart

One Hand, One Heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is my only deceive you ,
Because I like your eyes , Romantic Love Poems
So America is not suitable for tears ,
You do not need to be good to fly I miss ,
I would quietly leave the right hand side of the seat ,
One day when you’ve seen the world ,
You then decide where to land ,
And I will continue in this long Mercedes Street ,
Left-hand side is the right side of my heart no one ,
For your sake I could be lonely ,
Because I believe said goodbye ,
‘ll Goodbye “
Repeat this song, listening over and over again , a strange taste , and now lived in a mess, lost the law , the phone still, my world becomes so quiet , quiet some people fear , pick up the phone every time duplicate address book can also be looked at who to call , and ultimately who can call up ? Just quietly put down phone ……
I know I wrote a log , someone have to say that I am , cursing me, but it is not important . I just want to casually write ……
In fact, I have been trying to come out , but the results are in vain , some things once started is a lifetime , maybe a lot of people do not understand , it’s just you did not seriously go through , before I looked at the story of love, always feel loved too exaggerated, but when I go through only to find everything is so true, that feeling that only their own experience before you can understand .
Thank you, since this time friends of the care , comfort is good , cursing worth mentioning, this is just your way only, this period has insomnia , sleep until after 1:00 every day , but woke up about 4:00 , even to sleep also doing a variety of dreams, stumbled, and many times the brain awake can not remember the dream scenes , the story of the dream , but I know my dreams have her .
Yesterday to say a bit less than a month lost 12 pounds, but lost a good, lest I bother to lose weight , the text in my pen is always so pale, not like the others so emotional and vivid performance , which may that is the difference between scholars and laity it, I’m just a layman, not a vulgar vulgar people , not so great drop everything I’m not a small achievement I care .
Do not understand why so many people before , but when he is beginning to smoke when it is found , in fact, smoking is just smoked a feeling, not drinking drowned their sorrows after drinking will make your heart all things are suppressed broke out , only will be more uncomfortable, but smoking is a very quiet way , when the smoke released into the atmosphere around you , there is a moment you thought was empty , looking a little burning cigarette , which is the speed of time , I often ignite cigarette, just quietly watching it burn , watching the smoke rise , in fact, I do not know what I was watching , just enjoying the process , as is often the same as looking at the distant daze .
Sometimes you can change places , hair style , replaced everything , but can not replace that heart and my heart there lived a man so that she will be the love of your life , whether you like it or do not want …

Do you remember our promise

Four years , we do not meet again, separating the horizon, worried about each other , the change of time , the same is worried about heart ! Night landing QQ, see your avatar in the blink miss click, well talk to you ! I still gave up, I do not know what to say, afraid to say a regret . I do not want to fiddle easily pull that string between us , feeling the fear strings broke ! In fact, I want to ask a good : My dear, you still remember our promise ?

The Silent Film

The Silent Film (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

302 Station Road station
One winter morning in 2008 , Shenzhen early sun came out, the platform of the crowd out early . I am carrying a duffel bag , holding your hand , did not speak , only silence , just wait – the bus finally came, people flocked to flow under the impetus of our crowded car. Holding hands only last a finger, may at any time release. I then pull it back to me only then you , fingers intertwined . I try to make you feel safe , but also make yourself feel you still mine. However, we all know that the day will no longer fingers intertwined with ! Lovers Poems

KFC in the last breakfast
Or your favorite tea, or my favorite black coffee , sandwiches, it exudes seductive fragrance , fries waiting, waiting for us to put it into his mouth . Hall playing ” Fur Elise ” , but this does not make us beautiful melodies have the slightest feeling better. You kept eating the fries , sucking milk , I still silent. You finally spoke: “how do you eat ? ” I was silent for a few seconds , answer the question and said: ” Clara , give me a call to the other side , less money to tell me .” I can only use this secular speech destroying elegant atmosphere here . You stared at me , his mouth still sipping straws, nodded his head, then went on to chew fries.
Time is goes forward , we still silent. It is your first opening : “We have come to a convention okay ? ” My Pie Zhaozui blew up hair , and asked : “What promise ? ” “If I went to 27 -year-old , you get to 28 years old, we are still not married then you have to come to me . ” ” Oh , do you think a movie ah ? fool . ” I can only promise you pretend to scorn , because at this moment, aunt’s voice rang in my ears : ” I do not against you do not agree to you, I want you to remember that I was not let my daughter go with her alleged lover suffer ! you be careful ! ” merciless reality , helpless love. ” I do not care , you have to promise me ! ” I’m stubborn , but you had nodded his head !

The final pit mouth , respectively
Cuizhao you persistently urge like radio stint , has refused to let me pull the hand tight . Finally, still you broke my hand, grabbed the luggage from my shoulders , turned away into it. Watching you thin figure , into the air of the hair , I think of these days our daily life , I finally shouted out: ” Clara , we must wait for me ! ”

Convention, you remember ?
Four years , we have no further contact , even the QQ, exchanges are not there , I just see you every day, personalized signature in the text has not changed. From here you can see your recent mood, recent developments. Occasionally, I will from the other students in the group that you were talking a little bit of news. I know you did not follow your parents later arranged in Guangzhou, did not marry him , I know you went back home to teach , life is very dull. And I, two years , I struggled to keep going up , money became my only motivation. Earn every penny , I’ll step farther away from my dream , time to now , I no longer sigh dream. Reality is forcing me to dream of my heart the most compressed into a small corner of the humble , while being squeezed into this little corner and you.
Dear, forgive me had only to do it, because I can not give me both want to give you , but can not give what you want. Forgive I can not find you , because I am no longer that you had wanted me , and now I have become a vulgar person. Forgive me for the vulgar , I can only reality to think about our future.

Promise, do you remember ? If you’ve forgotten, I will bless you ! If you remember , then you soon forget it ! Because, I just want you to be happy !

Fog of Love

Love the fog


A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo modified by author using Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or moved


Into your world Relationship Poems

Also picturesque

Also leaves into poetry

But why projections of

This fog

I lost

The way forward


Wandering in the fog

Want to find

Have your direction

Want to tell you

I’ve lost my way

If you would have to slow down

Why can

But you do not feel

The call of my heart

Just blindly forward

I can only

Eyes looking at your back

Gradually blurred

Want to tell you

I have

You can not keep up the pace


You refuse to return


I have not find the way


Seeing you lopsided

Disappear in this fog

Why make yourself

Caught in this fog

Why do you

Refused to stop and look back


I’m still in place

Has lost his way

Love has set sail


Has lost its way

How do I walk out of

This fog of love

Instant Love

Instant Love


Your tears flow i

When Love and Death Embrace

When Love and Death Embrace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

n whom

Your heart has been opened for her

Our past has been able to return

Goodbye My Love I only leave

Sweet Poems

Your tears flow in whom

Whether you love her more than I

You catching her figure

Discuss her smile

Our diary page you heartless

You left right

I am the only one person on the right

You really gone right

Really Want

Embrace you once again

In turn you away from the body to the moment

You say I love you

Love Quotes


You are my shinning star.
I know you will never fade.
You will be my light to help me
read my map of happiness!


You have to forgive to forget,
and forget, to feel again.


You make my heart skip every other beat.
You make my cheeks blush whenever you smile at me.
You make me laugh just by saying the little things.
So may say that this is just a little crush,
but in my eyes, it’s a beautiful thing.
Wedding Poems


Since you broke my heart, I promised myself
That before I’ll fall, I’ll look down and see if you will catch me
Because I don’t want to be hurt anymore


Passion is a word which involves so many feelings;
I feel it when we touch,
I feel it when we kiss,
I feel it when I look at you.
For you are my passion,
my one true love.

Fleeting romance dressed youth

Wasted years, time flies. Homecoming day quietly walk through – from smooth forehead, stretch the eyes, rosy cheeks. The loss of a youthful era, lost distinctly past, accumulation under sweet, thoughts, sadness, frustration …… round after round shades, or old or new, or full or missing memory. Along with the pace forward, over time, become a heavy backpack can not be uninstalled.

Romantic Poems

The Voyage of Life Youth.

The Voyage of Life Youth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Walking in the voyage of life, bustling fortunate enough to get to know all mortal beings. One pass of the figure, most do not look back into the window hastily passing; however, a special bond with the treasure in the heart of the most secretive, softest place, gradually integrated into life, after the baptism of wind and rain, stuffed into a cup dreaming drunk, drink reserved for their day.

Forget that frame shadows, vigor, graceful, beautiful into a beautiful rainbow; forget that Zhang Jiaorong, smooth talker, frown laugh pull my arms, flashy pillow Yilianyoumeng; forget the pair of eye, Feelings tenderness, flash of light staggered between an electric current through body instantly. Then, like a name, that familiarity twelve pen falls on a Zhang Su Jian, the butterfly into Full of heart-warming good reputation.

Moon accompanied walking hurriedly, vast sea of ​​people searching, inadvertently I look back, the lights dim, your eyebrows dancing angel come. My upsurge difficult to calm, filled with bursts of waves to break the detention emotional gates. Surprise stricken, the ears seem came a voice: flowers Humphreys be straight off, no flowers be empty Mo broken branches. Open their hearts to it, daring to meet this frequently look back five hundred years before the like fate. So, stop and do eolian dust, finishing a good mood disorder, rode a white horse, in the purest way to prepare the hearts greeted the goddess.

Xian feel warm spring grass green, rain Zhiyu Yun flowers. Only his, meaning most true, deepest feelings, love and affection have a higher status. In this way, by your eyes tightly traction glimpse fright mountain stream to read the song rhyme. Unconsciously, sleepy poisoning has been deep, were you Krupp, the heart as you read, shaped for you off – sad with your sadness, happy with your joy and happiness with your happiness. Slowly close, with the caring, considerate, care firmly put your muffled, will warm transfer to you, will give you a confidence boost that will add to your strength. Nirvana into a phoenix to help you all the way forward. If you can, please put down your modesty, accept my regrets to pay, wait for the afterlife, in this life.

Fate tree, lonely who back? Elixir of Love, who in vain ornaments infatuation? Flowers in the world, one hundred thousand Jiao Mei; Weak three thousand, just take a spoonful. Present and able to meet you, thanks to the gift of heaven, who needs!

Happy seedlings just sprouting, realistic skies poured down rain. Encounter too short, flew it long. And when the day pressing harder and harder, but unfortunately sad, hiding in the corner dejected. Looking at your lopsided figure, waves painful episodes filled body. Heart come with you, I have not my, only one unexamined empty bladder, ignorant of the festival, be not distinguish twilight. This is a not escape unscathed, irrepressible sad rooting thoughts on its way in darkness, loneliness pour a thick layer of frost. From then on, pay attention to your QQ space, pay attention to your talk, focus on your micro-blog, has become a habit. And, you are my only on-line reminder.

Like quietly alone in a recall, recall that part of a wonderful time. Think you almond eyes with spring, like you string together knot hair, “cloud like Colorful flowers like tolerance, spring whisk threshold Revlon” In my mind, it should also be described as the most appropriate for you. You are that far shore of the fireworks, you are like clouds like rain, like the wind, dotted with the color of my life, to enrich my dull life. Although the people of the party, in fact, not far away, because you always reside in my heart. Many times, there are frames constantly in my mind: looking forward to in the near future, Magpie Bridge, a peach blossom tree, reunited with you again. I believe that the heart have you should know, the dream will eventually become true.

As everyone knows Oh, this period so it is a happy pain.

Late at night, people did not sleep, a cup of tea, a light, a few of the poetry and documented, thumb through chant: “Lady Choi, the desire gifts Geyuan days. Acacia see no reason, Chang Wang cool before”; ” Reeds green and white dew cream. called Iraqi people, in the water side “;” Jun I was not born, I was born old. regret that I was born late, I hate Jun students early. I was born, and the king of a good day “……

After reading the full emotion, Yanjuan meditation without fatigue, then for this article to remember it.